Camp Hill

In the Community

Paint for Profit 

Invite your school or organization to Color Me Mine, Camp Hill for a night--or two--to raise funds for your school. We will give you a flyer with all the details for your event! You make as many copies as you like and give them to family, friends, and co-workers--everyone!

For anyone who comes in with the flyer on your selected day(s) and paints, we will give your organization $5. For example, if your goal is to earn $50, bring in 10 people. It's that easy!

Schedule your event with us today!


Girl Scouts Events

Schedule a troop event and enjoy a girl scout special! 

Each scout gets a discounted studio fee of $3.50 and the scout leader chooses a price limit for the pieces the scouts can paint. The scouts get 2 hours to paint along with a staff member to assist during the paint portion of the party.

Badges are available upon request at $3.50 per scout!



Looking for donations for your silent auction or event? Typically we provide 3 gift certificates that are each worth $7, which covers a child studio fee at our store. They can only be used at our location in Camp Hill and we do ask that you keep them separated when giving them out. Typically, rather than us mailing them, people stop by the studio to pick them up.

Donation requests can be made here!