Camp Hill

Book Your Party!

General Information: 

Bookings reserve our back party room for 2 hours and are typically held during these time slots:

Saturday:11:30am, 2:00pm, 4:30pm

Sunday:12:30pm, 3:00pm

Occasionally, custom time slots are possible and can be discussed with our manager on duty!

Pricing  Studio Fee + Price of Ceramic

During your time with us, you’ll have an employee appointed to you that will help your group throughout your painting experience. Additionally, we do allow event hosts and guests to bring food or drink to consume during the party. 

A $50 Room Rental Fee is required upon the time of booking. Rental Fees can be paid in-studio, over the phone, or online. 


Special Offers on Kids’ Parties (12 yrs. and under):

No Studio Fees!

You only pay the price of each guest’s ceramic piece (plus tax).

Groups may have between 1-8 guests to fill and fit our party room.

Any food or decorations are welcome!

An example about pricing can be found below.


Booking a party for eight 9 year olds: 

$50 Room Rental Fee (Plus Tax)(DUE AT TIME OF BOOKING)=$53.00

8 Pieces (Each child chooses a piece that is $20, plus tax for each piece) (DUE DATE OF EVENT)=$169.60

Grand Total:$222.60