Camp Hill

Party Packages & More!

Interested in booking a party with us and need some info? You’re in the right place!


General Info:


Bookings reserve our back party room for 2 hours and are typically held during these time slots:

Saturday: 10:30a, 1:00p, 3:30p, 6:00p

Sunday: 11:30a, 2:00p

Custom time slots are possible and can be discussed with our manager on duty! During your time with us, you’ll have an employee appointed to you that will help your group throughout your painting experience.

A $50 deposit is required, which will later be taken out of your party’s final total. Deposits can be paid over the phone.

Groups must have between 6-16 guests to fill and fit our party room. If your children’s age group is younger than 7, please consider how much space parents will take as well. Any food or decorations are welcome!


We offer special party packages for kids’ parties!

The Van Gogh:

$20 per painter, 1 ceramic piece per child with a value of $18 or less

The Picasso:

$25 per painter, 1 ceramic piece per child with a value of $23 or less

Paint Your Heart Out:

$5 studio fee per painter plus the price of the piece. Party host sets the price range for party pieces

You can also add a commemorative hand-print plate with your guest’s names for $15! Request for this must be made at time of reservation.

(Adult parties are encouraged to come during one of our weekly specials days. Check out our calendar to see when those are!)


For kids’ parties: Finished pieces will be wrapped and bagged separately and labeled with the painter’s name on the bag. It will take about 7-10 days for pieces to be finished and then the party host will be called and will pick up all pieces.

For adult parties: Finished pieces will be wrapped and bagged, separated based on how bills were paid, if paid separately, or how customers request. Each bag will have a customer’s phone number and name designated to it that we will contact to let them know that their pieces are ready for pick up.

Additional questions? Ready to book a party? Call us at (717)731-8500!